Who We Are?


Welcome to our website, dedicated to the wonderful world of fly fishing! We are a team of seasoned fly fishers, with decades of experience in the art of casting a line and hooking some of the world’s most elusive fish. Our team is comprised of native British and American anglers who have fished all over the world, from the tranquil streams of the British Isles to the vast rivers of South America and beyond.

As professional guides, we have spent countless hours on the water, honing our craft and developing a deep appreciation for the sport of fly fishing. We have fished for a wide variety of species, from the classic trout and salmon to the hard-fighting tarpon and permit, and everything in between. Each of us brings our own unique perspective and expertise to the table, making our team a valuable resource for anglers of all skill levels.

On this website, we aim to share some of our experiences and knowledge with our fellow fly fishing enthusiasts.

Wild fly fishing

Whether you are just starting out or have been fishing for years, you will find a wealth of information here on everything from techniques and gear to the best places to fish and the environmental challenges facing the sport.

We are passionate about the environment and the need to preserve it for future generations. As such, we are committed to promoting sustainable fishing practices and responsible stewardship of our waterways. We believe that fly fishing can be both a rewarding and sustainable activity, and we strive to educate and inspire others to embrace this ethos.

So whether you are looking for tips on technique and gear or seeking inspiration for your next fishing adventure, you have come to the right place. We invite you to join us on this journey and discover the joys of fly fishing for yourself.